Large Deposit Solutions

Making a large deposit to your Prairie business or personal account has never been easier or more secure.

With ICS and CDARS (IntraFi Network Deposits), you can access millions of dollars in FDIC insurance for large deposits made to your Prairie accounts (deposit, money market, and Certificates of Deposit), without having to deposit money at multiple institutions to remain under FDIC coverage limits.

What are ICS and CDARS?

ICS, or Insured Cash Sweep, is the nation's most widely-used FDIC-insured deposit product, combining the institutional strength of Wall Street with the community presence of Main Street.  ICS allows you to enjoy the largest per-depositor FDIC eligibility available, all while maintaining only your relationship with Prairie Community Bank.

CDARS, or Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service, is a similar program for Certificates of Deposit rather than checking or money market accounts. CDARS gives you access to millions of dollars in FDIC insurance for your Certificates of Deposit, without the need to manage multiple banking relationships.

How ICS Works

How CDARS Works

Why use ICS and CDARS?

ICS and CDARS mean saying goodbye to managing multiple bank relationships, tracking collateral, or having uninsured deposits to footnote in financial statements.

These programs allow you to stay confidently in control, with statements that show balances, transactions, interest, and other important details associated with your deposit accounts. You enjoy 24/7 online access to your account information.

When you have a large deposit at Prairie, you can feel good knowing that your funds can be used to fund lending in the community that may help small businesses to support job or inventory growth, nonprofits to further their missions, and individuals to finance higher education.

Are ICS and CDARS protected against market loss and money market mutual fund restrictions?

Funds placed using IntraFi Network Deposits are not subject to floating net asset values, liquidity fees, or money market mutual fund liquidity gates, so you can rest assured knowing that market volatility will not negatively affect account value.  No one has ever lost a penny of an FDIC-insured deposit.