What to Do If You Receive A Fraudulent Unemployment Claim

Fraudulent unemployment claims are on the rise in Illinois. Unemployment claims are being filed by imposters, using your personal information. You may be notified from the state unemployment benefits office or your employer about supposed application for benefits. If you receive a fraudulent Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) claim or debit card in your name, we recommend notifying your employer immediately and report the fraud to your state unemployment benefits agency (IDES).

1. Report the fraud to your State Unemployment Benefits agency.
  • If possible, report the fraud online. An online report will save you time and be easier for the agency to process. (IL Department of Unemployment Benefits Agency has an Online Fraud Reporting form that can be found at https://www2.illinois.gov/ides)
  • Also, keep a record of who speak to and any case numbers provided.

2. Visit IdentityTheft.gov to report the fraud to the Federal Trade Commission or call 877-ID-THEFT.
“What do I do now?” (i.e., place a free, one-year fraud alert on your credit, getting your free credit reports, and closing any fraudulent accounts opened in your name. IdentityTheft.gov also will help you add a free extended fraud alert or credit freeze to your credit report. These make it more difficult for an identity thief to open new accounts in your name.)

3. Review your credit reports often.
You can check your reports free through AnnualCreditReport.com. This can help you spot any new fraud quickly.

4. Never respond to calls, emails, or text messages requesting you send money or gift cards.
If you get benefits you never applied for, don’t respond to any calls, emails, or text messages telling you to wire money, send cash, or put money on gift cards. These are sure indicators the deposited funds are fraud.

5. If you have the Prairie Secure Choice Checking account you can review your credit reports quarterly and receive alerts for any changes being made.
You can register to have your social security number monitored and receive recovery help if you become a victim of identity theft.

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