Digital Defense

It's no secret by now that fraudsters and scammers are constantly on the Internet looking for unsuspecting victims to exploit. From phishing emails meant to trick you into volunteering your most sensitive information to malware designed to spread and infect your interconnected devices, the threats are endless.

That's why Prairie Community Bank has partnered with Digital Defense to provide our customers with access to their Training, Education and Awareness Module (TEAM). This is a series of free courses that can help you develop a better understanding of what you can do to protect yourself and your online assets.

The Digital Defense courses are designed to educate users about which online threats to look out for, how to identify them, and what you can do to protect yourself. These courses cover topics including:

  • Online Shopping
  • Home Computer Security
  • ATM Safety
  • Secure Transactions
  • Online Fraud
  • Child Safety Online
  • Social Networking
  • Cryptocurrency
  • ...and much, much more!

The Digital Defense TEAM courses are free to access and easy to navigate. Visit the Digital Defense TEAM website today and take your first step to securing yourself online.

Visit the Digital Defense TEAM website